Hurricane Dorian

COVID-19 Impacts Ocracoke Island Businesses Recovering From Dorian

Just as Ocracoke Island businesses were finishing renovations and repairs to infrastructural damage from Hurricane Dorian of 2019, the island shut down. Ocracoke local and Village Craftsman manager Amy Howard explains how her business responds to the impacts of Dorian and now, COVID-19. Produced by Jocelyn Ratti. Music by Chad Crouch. Broadcast from the Shoresides…

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Hurricanes & COVID-19 Affect Seafood

Melvin Dunn, 41, is a shrimper in Beaufort, North Carolina. Dunn lost a shrimp season with Hurricane Dorian last September and now faces further impacts from COVID-19 on the seafood industry. Dunn is from the South River – a predominantly black coastal community in Beaufort, NC. With increasingly intense hurricanes affecting his catch, Dunn decided…

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Hurricane Dorian Special

Storm Stories podcast asked folks to call in messages of support to their neighbors and the response so far has been overwhelming – over 45 calls across 7 counties. Take a listen, and consider sharing your own message of encouragement by calling 910-604-6519. We will keep adding to and sharing these messages! #ilmstrong #dorian #hurricanedorian…

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