Submitting an Op-Ed 

Submitting an Op-Ed 

We’re seeking contributions from public officials, nonprofit leaders, youth, activists, and other influential figures to craft thought-provoking op-eds addressing the challenges and opportunities facing coastal North Carolina. Specifically, we’re interested in amplifying diverse, problem-solving voices on various topics including:

  • Issues Impacting Coastal North Carolina
  • Housing
  • Rural concerns
  • The 2024 election
  • Perspectives from youth on education, community, and health
  • Access to abortion in North Carolina
  • Climate issues
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Positive solutions, spotlighting successes in the coastal region

When submitting an op-ed, keep in mind what we appreciate:

  • Presenting solutions or innovative ideas
  • Timely and pertinent content
  • A well-organized and clear argument
  • Offering a fresh perspective

On the flip side, here’s what we prefer to avoid:

  • Op-eds that come across as self-promotional
  • Pieces with intentionally provocative, defamatory, or discriminatory language

To submit, send a 250-word pitch or draft to with “SHORESIDES OP-ED PITCH” in the subject line. We strive to respond to all submissions within 7-10 days.

Things we don’t like:

  • Self-promotional pieces
  • Intentionally inflammatory, libelous, or discriminatory language
  • Not offering solutions

To submit an op-ed, email a 250-word pitch or draft of a submission to with SHORESIDES OP-ED PITCH in the subject line. We aim to return to all pitches received within 7-10 days.