Flood Zone

A special investigation reporting on flooding in coastal Carolina communities.

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Climate Stories | Youth Report: NC Restaurants & Trash Fish

Coastal Youth Media Reporter Lily Spalding wanted to produce a story about sustainable seafood in her hometown, Beaufort, North Carolina. So she sat down in the kitchen with coastal North Carolina chef Kevin Davis, and asked him  the questions she’s always had. Climate Stories...

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Climate Stories | Youth Report: Climate & Shrimping, Over Time

In our first episode, 14-year-old reporter Alex Kies is exploring how the shrimping industry in his neck of the woods, Carteret County, North Carolina, is being impacted by climate change.  Alex speaks to 20-year shrimper, Thomas Smith, whose family has been working on the...

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When Can We Get A Break?

Kamhara Nixon-McKoy asks listeners, “When can we get a break?” She’s referring to the two police murders that directly followed Derek Chauvin’s conviction in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kam and the rest of the She Rocks team reflect on what these murders mean to them as...

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Andrew Brown & What’s Happening in Elizabeth City, Now

Shoresides spoke with community organizer and Elizabeth City local Quentin Jackson about what is happening in Elizabeth City as the community  responds to the police killing of Andrew Brown. Support the show (https://shoresides.org/support/)

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Saying Goodbye To Amari

In this episode of She Rocks, we talk to Amari about her time at Girls Rocking In The South (GRITS), which co-produces this podcast. We ask her about her accomplishments so far and what she has in store for the future. We also bring...

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The Environmental Impacts of CAFOs

“We began to see the fish show up in the river with sores all over their body. And my son and I started to get the sores on our bodies, the same as the fish,” says Rick Dove, the first Neuse Riverkeeper. He’s talking...

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