Flood Zone

A special investigation reporting on flooding in coastal Carolina communities.

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Entrepreneurs We Admire

In this episode of She Rocks Teen Radio, we talk about entrepreneurship. We share about the entrepreneurs we know – whether it's people in our family or people within our very own GRITS team. We also talk about our celebrity crushes on top of...

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Looking Back At November: Caregivers Awareness Month

Before we get into the Christmas spirit, we're taking a moment to reflect on November, which was National Family Caregivers Awareness Month. We talk about what it's like to be a caregiver as a teen and tips we have to offer. Then, we chat...

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Arabia Leaves For Tanzania

On this episode of She Rocks, we officially say good bye to Arabia, who is moving to Tanzania in Africa. We ask her about her move, what she's excited about, and when she's coming back (spoiler alert – don't plan on seeing her anytime...

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Looking Back On September: National Self Awareness Month

Today, we talk about National Self-Awareness Month, which was in September. We talk about the things we're doing to take care of ourselves. And, as usual, we bring you the latest in fashion & entertainment, and we also talk about our thoughts on the...

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Reflecting On The Shooting At New Hanover High School

Two weeks ago, we met up to reflect on the shooting that took place at New Hanover High School on Monday, August 30. We discuss our thoughts on the charges filed against the student involved in the shooting. We also talk about the damage...

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How We Feel About Sha’Carri Richardson’s Disqualification

Earlier this summer, we met up virtually to talk about top news stories and to check in about how we were spending our summers. As usual, we bring listeners the latest trends in teen fashion and entertainment. For our hot topic, we talk about...

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