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A special investigation reporting on flooding in coastal Carolina communities.

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Election Season Reflections From A 16-Year-Old Activist

My name is Shecoria Smith, and I’m from Wilmington, North Carolina. I’ve been interested in politics and social justice for as long as I can remember. I’m a sophomore in high school, so I can’t vote yet – I have to find other ways...

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Responding to the 2020 Election & Continuing School Through COVID

She Rocks team members Amari Poindexter, Brealyn Freeman, Iryanna (Giggles) Nixon, Jonaiyah Jordan, and Arabia Earth get together to reflect on the outcomes of this election season and talk about what school’s been like through the COVID-19 pandemic. Produced by Coastal Youth Media and...

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Felony Voter Disenfranchisement

“We are all We The People. When you tell me that I can’t participate in an election, you telling me I’m not a part of We The People…that makes me feel like you are still oppressing me, and you still seeing me as three-fifths...

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First Time Voters In Brunswick County

The Shoresides team spoke with first time voters ages 30, 18, and 41 at the polls in Brunswick County, North Carolina about why they voted this election season. Here’s what they had to say… Support the show (https://shoresides.org/support/)

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The Importance Of Latinx Voters

“We are contributors, tax payers. We are entrepreneurs. We are business owners. We have mixed families. We are American…To me, it is important that I define who I am and I say my story, because it took me 25 years to be a U.S....

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Racial Equity & Election Priorities from Payal Shah

Payal Shah is a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student from Marshallberg, NC – a predominantly white and conservative town of 400 in Down East, North Carolina.  As Shah heads to the voting booth for her first time this week, she thinks...

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