Flood Zone

A special investigation reporting on flooding in coastal Carolina communities.

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The Environmental Impacts of CAFOs

“We began to see the fish show up in the river with sores all over their body. And my son and I started to get the sores on our bodies, the same as the fish,” says Rick Dove, the first Neuse Riverkeeper. He’s talking...

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Arts & Resilience: Our Conversation With Carolynn Phillips Of The JUST US Program

In this episode of She Rocks, we talk about our feelings surrounding the two national tragedies that happened in the last few weeks. After we delve deep into what we make of these events, we cover our usual segments: fashion and entertainment. We welcome...

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Honoring Legacy: Nathan Johnson Talks To Mr. John

In Bolton, North Carolina – a small town of about 600 people located in rural Columbus County, North Carolina – Mr. John can be found in his front yard on his lawnmower, or running the fish fry at Bolton’s famous Pine Tree Festival. Today,...

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Women’s History Month, Pt. 2: Queendom Living With Angel George and Myiesha Gore

Today, we talk through the new stimulus package that’s been passed and what it means for us. If you’ve noticed the new photos posted with our latest episodes, we’re welcoming two guests to this episode who did our makeup for the shoot: Angel George...

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Industrial Hog Operations And The People Who Run Them

Contract growers and community members who speak out against the hog industry in eastern North Carolina rarely see themselves as members of the same team – but they have more in common than they think. In this episode of CAFO’s & Communities, we take...

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Women’s History Month, Pt. 1: Setting Boundaries In Relationships & Our Favorite Female Celebrities And Characters

Hi everyone! We’re back for another episode of She Rocks Teen Radio, moving from one exciting month (Black History Month) to another: Women’s History Month. We’re saving the bulk of our conversation about women’s empowerment for our next episode, but today, we talk about...

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