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An investigative series on the impacts of Hurricane Florence.

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How One Small Farmer Prepares for Hurricanes

Ron Simmons and his family at Master Blend Family Farms run a sustainable hog operation in Kenansville, North Carolina. Simmons also maintains a retail space with food and merchandise. In this episode, Simmons speaks about how he prepares for and responds to hurricanes. And...

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Environmental issues disproportionately impact ENC’s low-income communities of color

From hog lagoons to sewage sludge to wood pellet plants, low-income communities of color in Eastern North Carolina experience a wide array of environmental injustices. Naeema Muhammad, an organizer and activist, has been fighting against these injustices for over 20 years and has experienced...

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Environmental issues disproportionately impact ENC’s low-income communities of color

After Flooding, a Biologist’s Story

Ana Zimmerman is a biology professor at the College of Charleston. She’s also a flood survivor. Over the course of a few years, her home was repeatedly flooded after major storms. The effect of repeated floods caused major damage to her home, and left...

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PSA: Chemours Toxic PFA Spill into Cape Fear River

On July 22nd, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority was notified by the facility Chemours in Fayetteville, North Carolina of a potentially toxic sediment spill into the Cape Fear River. In this episode, Emily Donovan, co-founder of Clean Cape Fear, tells us what counties...

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Preparing for School during COVID-19

The She Rocks squad is back for Season 3! Amari Poindexter, Brealyn Freeman, Jonaiyah Jordan, and Arabia Earth bring us updates on what’s new with them, and they talk about how they stay focused on school during this new normal. The four talk about...

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Hurricanes Affect River Systems and Water Quality in Coastal NC

Larry Baldwin is the Crystal Coast Waterkeeper and the Advocacy Director of the White Oak New River Keeper Alliance. He’s an advocate for improving the health and quality of water systems throughout coastal North Carolina. Baldwin has experienced a number of hurricane and says...

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