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Coronavirus and Alcoholics Anonymous

David at the Intergroup office in Wilmington, North Carolina describes how COVID-19 is affecting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the area. David explains how the coronavirus is impacting participants of Alcoholics Anonymous and how it may continue to affect groups and meetings in the near future. He talks about how the virus is different from natural…

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COVID-19 & Rural NC Hospitals

Bonnie Weeks, 36, is a labor and delivery nurse working at Carteret General Hospital in Morehead City, North Carolina, which is currently on semi-lockdown due to Coronavirus. Weeks has lived in Morehead City – a rural, coastal town of 9,000 people – all of her life. Most folks that come into the hospital work on…

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Community College Students & Coronavirus

Emmanuel (Manny) Ngardinga (Gar-din-ga) is stressed about the changes to his school schedule as a result of coronavirus. Ngardinga is a student at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina. Last week, he learned he will be taking his classes online for the rest of the semester. Broadcast from the Shoresides studio, this series…

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Wilmington, the Film Industry and COVID-19

Denny Best discusses how his work with the film industry in Wilmington, North Carolina is impacted by coronavirus. Best does trade work in the film industry in and is a member of The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States. He discusses how his livelihood…

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COVID-19 & being a Grocery Store Clerk

Chris Lamoreaux speaks to toilet paper mayhem and other patterns happening in this small-town grocery store during the coronavirus pandemic. Lamoreaux, 47, is a cashier at the local Food Lion in Morehead City, North Carolina. Morehead is a small, coastal town that has seen and prepared for deadly hurricane seasons – but nothing like this. …

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Nippy’s Soul Food Prepares for Coronavirus

Marsha Corbett discusses what’s going on in her head during the first news of coronavirus in North Carolina. She talks about how she’s dealing with stress – both financial and emotional – and how the virus is changing the way she does business. Music by Ketsa. Editing by Shoresides team.

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