PFA Chemical Runoff & Fishing in the Cape Fear River

Theresa Cantu, a scientist at North Carolina State University, explains the findings of a study on the PFA chemical levels in striped bass in the Cape Fear.

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How a Global Pandemic Changed a Local Seafood Market

A local seafood market in Wrightsville Beach, NC had to rework their business model in the wake of Covid-19. Lambert Long, whose family owns and operates Motts Channel Seafood, tells of both the trials and triumphs the market faced.

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Hurricanes & COVID-19 Affect Seafood

Melvin Dunn, 41, is a shrimper in Beaufort, North Carolina. Dunn lost a shrimp season with Hurricane Dorian last September and now faces further impacts from COVID-19 on the seafood industry. Dunn is from the South River – a predominantly black coastal community in Beaufort, NC. With increasingly intense hurricanes affecting his catch, Dunn decided…

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