Waterlogged and waiting for hope

Waterlogged and waiting for hope By Jonny Morales I was looking at family photos, baby clothes, diplomas and other waterlogged possessions while waiting for teary-eyed homeowners to give me permission to throw them away. Forever. We were only 10 miles away from my home, so damaged by Hurricane Florence, that I would not be able to live in…

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Fair Bluff

Gloria Walters is one of a growing number of people adapting to the new realities of climate change displacement. Hit by Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, her hometown of Fair Bluff North Carolina lost half its population and is considered a ghost town now. What’s it like to be hurricane refugee? Support the show (https://shoresides.org/support/).  …

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That Isn’t a Lake

Every disaster has its evacuees, people who do just as they’re told and leave once the government sounds the alarm. But what happens when they have nothing to return to? Gerry Lenahan tells us what it’s like to lose everything and what it’s like to rebuild. Support the show (https://shoresides.org/support/).   Want to Help: Donate…

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