Our Favorite Things

Six young women – Tyashia Mckenzie, Kamora Ridgeway, Whitley Dockery, Rakyah Jacobs, Camryn Ray, and Jordan Newkirk – tell us about objects that are important to them. Tyashia talks about a glass angel from her godmother; Whitley shows us her great-great-grandmother’s glasses. Jordan points to a picture of her aunt, who gave her an American girl doll before she passed away. Kamora shows us her mom’s many diplomas hanging on the wall in her house, and Camryn talks about a shirt she got with her friend Raven. Last but not least, Rakyah describes her eagle feathers that she dances with during powwows.

Funded in part by SouthArts, NC News Lab, and Unitarian Universalist Veach at Shelter Rock.