Leandro: Funding New Hanover Schools Falling Short

In this episode of “Leandro: Funding in New Hanover Falling Short,” we delve into the ongoing challenges and implications of the Leandro court case for New Hanover County schools.

Join us as we interview Rebecca Trammel of Community Conversations,  who is an education advocate and expert, who sheds light on the current state of funding, the barriers faced by local schools, and the broader impact on students and teachers. Discover the real stories behind the numbers and learn what this means for the future of education in our community.

Background: The Leandro case, formally known as Leandro v. State of North Carolina, is a landmark lawsuit filed in 1994 by five low-wealth school districts in North Carolina. The plaintiffs argued that the state was not providing adequate funding to ensure every child received a sound basic education, as mandated by the North Carolina Constitution. In 1997, the North Carolina Supreme Court affirmed this right and later rulings reinforced that the state must take action to rectify funding inequities. The case has led to ongoing debates and legal actions concerning the adequacy and equity of public school funding in North Carolina.

Resources for learning about Leandro:
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