Industrial Hog Operations And The People Who Run Them

Contract growers and community members who speak out against the hog industry in eastern North Carolina rarely see themselves as members of the same team – but they have more in common than they think.

In this episode of CAFO’s & Communities, we take listeners through the evolution of contract farming within the swine industry from the 20th century up to today. We speak with a hog grower from Lillington, North Carolina named Tom Butler, who tells us how he got into the business and why he’s had to stay.

Produced by Sherri White-Williamson, Kayla Guilliams, and Laura Bratton in collaboration with Ryke Longest, Elsie Herring, Rick Dove, Will Hendrick, Paul Butler, and Larry Baldwin. Special thanks to Larry Baldwin of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch for making this podcast possible.

To learn more and get involved, visit North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, North Carolina Conservation Network, and Coastal Carolina Riverwatch‘s websites.

Music: Pure Water by Medyn, Thoughts by ANBR,  Aquarius by Spearfisher. Photos by Laura Bratton.


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