Honoring Legacy: Nathan Johnson Talks To Mr. John

In Bolton, North Carolina – a small town of about 600 people located in rural Columbus County, North Carolina – Mr. John can be found in his front yard on his lawnmower, or running the fish fry at Bolton’s famous Pine Tree Festival. Today, 15-year-old Nathan Johnson sits down with Mr. John to talk about his life and legacy in Bolton.

Honoring Legacies is brought to you by the LEADERs project, which stands for Leading Exceptional Adolescents In Dialogue to Erase Racism. LEADERs is a youth group in rural Columbus County, North Carolina . It was birthed out of the Bolton Safe Haven enrichment program in 2000. The group’s genesis came about as a result of a partnership with University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Lynn Smithdeal. The program ended in 2005 and was reborn in 2020. To learn more, visit our Facebook page with this link: https://www.facebook.com/leadingkidsforlife05.

Produced by Nathan Johnson and Coastal Youth Media. Editing by Coastal Youth Media.

Music: “The Castle” by ANBR via Artlist.

Rural – Lawnmower, Mowing Grass by Ivo Vicic via Artlist.
Ambiences – Busy Restaurant, Crowd Walla, Dishes Clatter by Daruma Audio via Artlist.
Food Vlogger – Frying Pan, Sizzling Oil by Marcello Del Monaco via Artlist.

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