Building Resilience: How Community and Connection Aid Coastal Carolina During Hurricanes

Connection is our primary survival response, especially during threats like hurricanes. The podcast “Flood Zone,” produced and hosted by Akshay Gokul, explores the role of community in building resilience in coastal Carolina communities. The episode features insights from J’vanete Skiba, director of the New Hanover County Resiliency Task Force, and Mebane Boyd, Resilient Communities Officer at the North Carolina Partnership for Children. They discuss how communities and individual caregivers, such as librarians and parents, step up during hurricanes to support one another despite their own trauma. The episode emphasizes the importance of viewing ourselves as providers and the role of community in post-traumatic growth and healing. The podcast encourages focusing on moments of safety rather than retelling traumatic stories to aid recovery.

Find useful resources from the New Hanover County Resiliency Task Force which can help you and your community prevent and respond to trauma.

A recent article on the North Carolina Partnership for Children’s website Preparing North Carolina’s Children and Community for Adverse Climate Experiences provides useful tips.

Hosted & Produced by Akshay Gokul 

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