A Model for Change: Locals Seafood

There weren’t trucks, trade routes or facilities for in-state seafood distribution – so they made their own. Ryan Speckman explains how his business, Locals Seafood in Raleigh, NC, is working around imported seafood, non-existent trade routes and other issues that keep North Carolinians from consuming true NC catch.

Produced by: Maggie Burns

Broadcast from the Shoresides studio, Hooked explores how commercial fishing, recreational fishing, marine labs and climate change are intersecting in coastal North Carolina.

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Want to Help: 

  1. Donate – to Coastal Carolina Riverwatch an organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the lands, waters, and communities across easter NC.
  2. Support – Buy Local Fish From: The Brunswick Catch, Carteret Catch, Ocracoke Fresh, Outer Banks Catch
  3. Advocate – Call NC Senators: Richard Burr 202 224 3154, and Thom Tillis 704 509 9087 and demand they support a strong Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, as attempts to weaken it would undermine its successful work in protecting the health of America’s fisheries

Need Help:

  1. Grants/Scholarships – Want to get involved in work that focuses on Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies, Environment Literacy or Workforce development? Visit NOAA Sea Grant to find out what opportunities they have available.
  2.  Fishing Industry Network – Part of the seafood industry and want to promote your product? Join one of Coastal Carolinas Catch Groups: Brunswick Catch, Carteret Catch, Ocracoke Fresh, or Outer Banks Catch.