As Hurricane Florence battered the Southeast, some had no choice but to stay. Before, during, and after the hurricane, the 911 calls kept coming, and first responders like Aaron Kasulis met them head on. Support the show (   Want to Help: Donate – To The Good Shepherd Center to fund housing assistance programs. Advocate…

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Fair Bluff

Gloria Walters is one of a growing number of people adapting to the new realities of climate change displacement. Hit by Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, her hometown of Fair Bluff North Carolina lost half its population and is considered a ghost town now. What’s it like to be hurricane refugee? Support the show (  …

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Love in the Time of Disaster

Sometimes resiliency isn’t just about personal fortitude. Hurricanes show us exactly who we are by showing us exactly how much we need each other. As Lacy Shannon learned, the challenges community members encounter and the solutions they build bring them together. Support the show (   Want to Help: Donate – To The Good Shepherd…

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