Speak Your Piece

Shoresides accepts opinion essays for our “Speak Your Piece” segment on any topic for both the online print and podcast series. Pieces typically run from 400 to 1,200 words or 3-4 minutes. Drafts of any length will be considered.  We will arrange recording for audio editions.

Please share one sentence at the top of your submission who tells us who you are. Also, be sure to include annotations for all assertions and attributions made in your essay. All submissions must be original, exclusive to Shoresides.  Contact us at info@shoresides.org

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Not Quite Through the Storm

Shecoria Smith was hunkered down with her mother as the wind and rain pounded her city when a call came making her realize that tragedy from the hurricane had hit close to home. Her friend’s mother and sibling were killed by a tree falling on their house.