Series: Speak Your Piece

Asthmatic High School Student Discusses COVID-19 & Hurricanes

Jonny Morales knows the hospitals in his communities all too well – from Emergency Room visits for the asthma attacks he’s had as long as he can remember to serving as a volunteer in his high school years. Now with the coronavirus outbreak, he’s anxious that his local healthcare system will be overwhelmed. But thinking…

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COVID-19, Ebola, and Racism

Amari Poindexter, 17, lives in Leland, North Carolina. Poindexter says the indifferent attitudes and racist reactions during the coronavirus pandemic in coastal North Carolina remind her of how her peers responded to the Ebola outbreak when she was in middle school. Broadcast from the Working Narratives studio, Coastal Youth Media podcast brings you real people…

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Not Quite Through the Storm

Shecoria Smith was hunkered down with her mother as the wind and rain pounded her city when a call came making her realize that tragedy from the hurricane had hit close to home. Her friend’s mother and sibling were killed by a tree falling on their house. 

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