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Senior Year Talks, New Fashion Versus Old Fashion and ~Always~ More!

Welcome back to school with GRITS! We are back from summer vacation and there is just so. much. to talk about. Produced by Coastal Youth Media and GRITS. Hosted by Brealyn Freeman, Kira Quince, and Jonaiyah Jordan.   Support the show

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Get Involved with Coastal Youth Media

Get involved with Coastal Youth Media.  Learn how at Learn more about getting involved with Coastal Youth Media at

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What can I do now to prepare for a future hurricane?

What can I do now to prepare for a future hurricane? This month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released an updated forecast of above-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic, predicting between 14 and 21 named storms. In the face of a hurricane, and...

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Small Means All: Regional Theater Struggling and Thriving

Coming up on Somewhere and Elsewhere. Around the country, traditional regional theater companies are struggling. A recent report says shares that theater companies stil of various sizes are in deep financial trouble, in what is rapidly turning into the most severe crisis in the...

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Ghost forests in coastal North Carolina

Coming soon on Community Rising. Climate change is reshaping coastal North Carolina in a myriad of ways, and one of the most striking is the emergence of ghost forests. As our climate warms, sea levels rise, and saltwater intrusion advances inland, the delicate balance...

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3 Chambers Festival coming to coastal region

We speak with documentary filmmaker Chris Everett about his upcoming 3 Chambers festival.  A festival the digs into the intersection of Black culture, hip-hop, martial arts and anime through by presenting live music, immersive art, and innovative film experience.  Taking place in Wilmington, North...

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