Eastern North Carolina Sayings: From Tater Patch Kin to Madder Than A Wet Settin’ Hen


Down-home sayings, turns of phrase and expressions that have stood the test of time and tell the story of Eastern North Carolina word by word.

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Growing up on a farm in the heart of eastern North Carolina’s tobacco country, author Phil Beaman has been surrounded by country folk and their colorful language his entire life. Though these communities continue to change, the bond of their phrases, expressions, colloquialisms and just plain talk has remained within the hearts and minds of their people. Beaman chronicles this language in a humorous and fascinating collection of eastern North Carolina’s most down-home sayings. Everything from the weather to drunken sayings to gobbledygook is presented straight from the horse’s mouth. You may not know how to pronounce some of the words, but you will surely enjoy a trip back to the halcyon days of livin’ off the land and chewin’ the fat..

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